Community Alert

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Use this button in app to send security threat alert to the Police. Users in the neighbourhood will also be alerted so they can take care of themselves and stay safe. 


Criminals live among us. Blow the whistle if you find your neighbour to be of questionable character. Your identity will be protected.

Declared Missing!

The Police may post images of persons declared missing for all users to see for quick find. 
Only the Police can post.


Add case notes or comments on treated cases and recommendation for further action. Push or broadcast special announcement to all users.


Report arson or fire outbreak to the Fire Service for immediate attention.

Declared Wanted!

With the touch of a button, the Police may post images of criminals declared wanted for all users to see. With Community Alert, there is no hiding place for Criminals

Medical Emergency

Use this button to call for medical attention. The closest ambulance will take you to the nearest Hospital.

'If you see something say something'

Images of suspicious activities or objects and disasters may be captured and reported with location information.

Private Security Companies, Fire Service and Medical Emergency Service Providers May Request for Admin license

Send a request and we will contact you